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<크리스마스 맞이하기>

크리스마스를 맞이한 신사동 갤러리오~🎄🎄🎄 언제든 방문하셔서 구경하세요~ :)

"Merry O-Mas : Artist Collection" 전시를 합니다. 전시일정: 2015.12.07 mon-12.20 sun 오픈시간: 10:00am-21:00pm (mon-sun)


Artists:@see.jisun @merryminjee@unapaik @obanunion/Min Jung Kim /YNZOO ------------------------------------- The exhibition "Merry O-Mas : Artist Collection"

is held in Sinsa Gallery O located in Sinsadong.

Please feel free to come and check various works and drawings!

Christmas in Sinsa Gallery O

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